Wardrobe with the control modules

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Manual system of the powder paint

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Cabinet modules wagner with centralized wagner

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Module with panels Catalytic industrial

The main use of this burner is the heat treatments at any of its various forms, or other methods of heating industry. Thanks to its technology without flame, the panels can be used in catalytic cabins, painting or where the presence of highly flammable solvents prevents the use of naked flame. The infra-red energy, long wavelength (between 2 and 10μm) is absorbed efficiently and uniformly, so that it reaches the desired level of temperature in very short time, saving energy.


Painting Lines

The Fimel has many interesting solutions for three different sectors: plastics, metal and wood.


Line of lacquer

The Fimel, S.A. have internal know-how to design, install and provide after-sales technical assistance to lacquer lines.

With equipment operation and robust use of digital technology to control the Fimel produces lines of lacagem with high performance and quality.

Formed by the loading and unloading, chemical treatment system of painting, tunnel of polymerization and the carrier lacagem lines are perfectly suited to the intended purpose.


Dryers lacquer with the automatic door

The dryer with an automatic door equipment is manufactured by Fimel, SA it follows the best performances of operation.

The dryer with automatic door is a machine to operate autonomously, for medium sized productions.


Oven heating acrylic

The ovens for heating of acrylic plates have uniform and constant temperatures, with forced air ventilation


Oven polymerization

The polymerization is one of the most important stages in the line of electrostatic powder painting. The parameters involved in the process of polymerization by their complexity, require a well developed know-how, so that the whole process run drivers.


Oven heat treatment

The area of heat treatment and a further area where the Fimel SA provides solutions for reliable and high quality.
With equipment operation and robust use of digital technology to control the Fimel produces heat treatment furnaces for various purposes.